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Panamanian Slang

For English speakers who are learning Spanish.

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scottmeneely added this on May 27, 2010


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Que Sopa?

(Que Paso with syllables reversed) = What's up/how are you?

alla la vida - expression of surprise, like 'oh my god'.

alla la maquina - also expression of surprise.

chuleta - shoot! Covering up an intended curse.

Comarca/ Comarca Indigenas = Indian Reservation, an autonomous land where the indigenous people of Panama live

Pretty/ priti - cool, example "que pretty"

rakataka - ghetto or a troublemaker

ex.) el es un rakataka = he is a troublemaker

Diablo Rojo = Bus, but literally says Red Devil. This is due to the painted buses of Panama.

Pato = Gay, literally a duck but is a slang word for gay.
ex.) el es un pato = he is gay

Tortilla = What Venezuelans and Colombians call Arepas

Chichas = Natural fruit juice based beverages
ejemplo: Chicha Arroz con Piña (Rice and Pineapple drink)

Chicheme = Corn based beverage, similar to Mexican Atole

Patacones = Fried Plantains, what Puerto Ricans call Tostones

Macaron/Macaroni = Pasta, any shape

Chinos/Chinitos = Literally means Chinese, however Panamanians use this term to describe all people of Asian descent.


Pampers - Panamanians very rarely use the word pañal (diaper) example: compraremos pampers para el bebe (We need to buy diapers for the baby)

chanti/shanti = house, similar to English slang "my crib"
example: vamos a mi shanti = lets go to my house

Pickup = Pickup Truck

cornflake= any kind of cereal

ex. Quiero comer cornflake I want to eat cereal

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